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Architecture Decision Records

A platform for creating, reviewing, approving, and searching for Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) in your organization. ADRs are a way to capture architectural decisions made during software development.

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Track changes and maintain a clear record of the decision-making process.

Standard Templates

Ensure comprehensive records with pre-built templates.

Search & Filtering

Easily find relevant ADRs with powerful search tools.

Document Your Architectural Journey

ADRs are formal documents that capture the rationale behind key architectural decisions. They serve as a historical record, providing context, trade-offs considered, and the chosen solution.

Improved Collaboration

ADRs foster open communication by documenting the decision-making process. Team members involved gain a deeper understanding of the rationale behind each choice.

Increased Consistency

By referencing past ADRs, developers can avoid re-evaluating previously considered options and ensure architectural alignment for future development.

Effective Knowledge Sharing

ADRs serve as a valuable knowledge base for new team members, allowing them to learn from past architectural decisions and best practices.


ADRs create an auditable record of architectural decisions, simplifying future audits or technical reviews.

Enhanced Accountability

By documenting the decision-making process and attaching ownership to each ADR, accountability is fostered among team members. This clarity ensures everyone understands who championed a particular direction and is responsible for its implementation. This promotes a sense of ownership and encourages thoughtful decision-making.

Facilitates Informed Discussions

ADRs provide a structured framework for discussing and debating architectural options. By outlining the context, trade-offs, and rationale behind each decision, ADRs create a solid foundation for productive discussions. This allows teams to weigh all options objectively and arrive at the best solution for the project's long-term success.

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