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Frequently asked questions

Can I customize the feedback questions used in Get Space?

Yes, you can customize the feedback questions used in Get Space!

Get Space empowers you to tailor your feedback experience to fit the specific needs of your project or codebase. Here's how:

  • Pre-built question library: Get Space offers a variety of pre-built question templates to get you started. These cover common areas like code clarity, functionality, and best practices.
  • Create custom questions: Easily craft your own unique questions specific to your project requirements. This allows you to focus on areas that are most important for your team.
  • Set question visibility: Choose which questions are displayed for each pull request, ensuring developers receive the most relevant feedback for their work.
  • By customizing your feedback questions, you can ensure your team receives clear, actionable feedback that helps them improve their code and grow as developers.

    What types of feedback can I collect with Get Space?

    Get Space gives you the flexibility to collect a wide range of feedback. With the ability to create custom questions you can collect data on any aspect of your engineering organization. Get Space provides you with multiple question types include Likert Scale, Free Text, and more.

    What is the onboarding process like for teams adopting Get Space?

    Getting started with Get Space is easy. After installing our GitHub app, you can start collecting feedback on your pull requests in minutes. Here's how it works:

    1. Install the Get Space GitHub app: Get Space is a GitHub app, so you can install it directly from the GitHub Marketplace. Once installed, you can start collecting feedback on your pull requests right away.
    2. Customize your feedback questions: Get Space comes with a library of pre-built questions to get you started. You can also create your own custom questions to fit your team's specific needs.
    3. Start collecting feedback: Once you've installed the app and customized your questions, you can start collecting feedback on your pull requests. Get Space will automatically display your questions to reviewers, and collect their responses in real-time.

    Who has access to the feedback data collected through Get Space?


    Transparency is essential to create an environeent of trust and collaboration. That's why Get Space makes all feedback data available to everyone on your team.

    Does Get Space share any of my data with third-party applications?

    Get Space hosts your data on third-party hosting cloud platforms but does not share it with any other third-party applications.

    What data does Get Space collect about my code and pull requests?

    Get Space does not have any access to read the code in your repositories. Get Space receives metadata related to your pull requests from GitHub, such as the author, description, and the list of reviewers. This metadata is used to display feedback questions to reviewers and collect their responses.

    What happens to my feedback data if my trial period ends?

    We retain your feedback data and if you decide to subscribe to Get Space after your trial period ends, you can continue to access and use your feedback data.

    Will I still have access to my feedback data after canceling my subscription?

    Yes, however, you will lose access to premium features.

    What is your refund policy?

    You can cancel your Get Space subscription at any time and you will not be charged for the next billing cycle. We do not offer refunds for partial billing cycles.

    Does Get Space provide onboarding or training for new users?

    Yes, we can. We provide support on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions or need help reach out to us at

    How do I report an issue with Get Space?

    We monitor our systems very closely and we get notified of issues immediately. However, sometimes things slip through the cracks. If you notice something is not working as expected, you can report a bug or email us at

    What resources does Get Space offer for learning how to use the platform?

    We are currently working on a comprehensive documentation and video tutorials. In the meantime, you can reach out to us at