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Tech Radar

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, staying ahead means making informed, strategic decisions about which technologies to adopt, explore, or retire. That’s why Get Space is thrilled to announce our upcoming product - a tool enabling your company to create custom, internal tech radars akin to the renowned ThoughtWorks model. Designed with software engineers in mind, this tool is not just about visualizing your tech landscape; it’s about steering it with precision and confidence.

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Define your own criteria (e.g., maturity, adoption, strategic fit) for positioning technologies on the radar.


Enable team members to contribute to the radar, fostering shared ownership and knowledge.

Version Control & History

Track changes made to the radar over time and understand the evolution of your technology landscape.

Empower Your Engineering with Clarity and Insight

A tech radar is more than a tool; it's your north star in the tech universe. It provides a shared language and framework for your teams, helping you to navigate through the noise of new technologies and focus on what truly matters to your projects and organization.

Improved Collaboration

A tech radar creates a shared language and understanding among team members regarding technology usage and strategy. This enhances communication within and across teams, as everyone has access to a unified view of the technological direction, reducing silos and fostering a more collaborative environment.

Strategic Technology Alignment

A tech radar helps ensure that all technology decisions and adoptions are aligned with the organization's strategic goals. It serves as a visual and strategic tool that guides teams on what technologies to adopt, trial, assess, or phase out, ensuring that every tech choice supports the broader objectives of the organization.

Enhanced Decision-Making

By providing a clear overview of the current technology landscape within the organization, a tech radar empowers engineering teams and leadership to make informed decisions. It highlights the technologies that are proving valuable, those that are emerging and might be worth exploring, and those that are becoming obsolete or problematic, thereby facilitating smarter, evidence-based decision-making.

Increased Innovation and Adaptability

With a tech radar, organizations can more easily identify and track emerging technologies that could drive innovation. It encourages teams to experiment with new tools and practices in a controlled manner, fostering a culture of innovation and adaptability in the face of technological change.

Focused Investment

By clearly identifying the technologies that are most beneficial to the organization, a tech radar helps leaders allocate resources and investment more effectively. It identifies where training, development, and financial resources will have the most impact, ensuring that investments in technology drive maximum value for the organization.

Risk Management

The tech radar aids in risk management by identifying technologies that are on the decline or have known issues, allowing organizations to plan for deprecation or replacement. It also highlights areas where the organization may be overly dependent on a single technology, allowing for diversification and thus reducing risk.

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