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Step into the future with confidence as our DevOps experts guide your startup through the complexities of modern technology infrastructure. We focus on delivering end-to-end solutions that optimize your operations, from cloud services to continuous integration and deployment, ensuring your business is built on a foundation of excellence.

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DevOps for Early-Stage Startups

We break down silos, automate tedious tasks, and optimize your infrastructure for rapid development and deployment. Focus on what you do best - disrupt the market - while we handle the DevOps magic behind the scenes.

Faster Time to Market

Accelerate your product development and deployment, allowing you to respond to market demands quickly and gain a competitive edge.

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Reduced Costs & Risk

Minimize financial overhead and operational uncertainties through efficient processes, leading to a leaner, more predictable business model.

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Improved Scalability & Agility

Enhance your ability to scale operations on demand and adapt swiftly to changing market conditions, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth.

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Accelerate critical development and operational tasks, eliminate manual toil, and deploy changes effortlessly, enhancing service delivery and reliability.

Optimize Your Development Workflow

Early-stage startups face a constant challenge: doing more with less. You need to be innovative, efficient, and resourceful. At Get Space, we understand these challenges. Our lean DevOps consulting services help you achieve your goals without breaking the bank.


Ensure your applications and services are consistently available and performant, minimizing downtime and boosting user trust. Our approach focuses on creating resilient systems that can handle peak loads and recover quickly from failures, keeping your business operational round the clock.

Infrastructure As Code

Manage and provision your infrastructure through code rather than manual processes. IaC ensures consistency, reduces human error, and allows for rapid, repeatable deployments. This practice also simplifies scaling and updating infrastructure, making it a breeze to adapt to your startup's evolving needs.


Gain deep insights into your systems with comprehensive monitoring, logging, and tracing. Observability enables you to understand system performance and behavior in real-time, facilitating proactive issue resolution, and informed decision-making to enhance user experience and system efficiency.


Empower your team with well-structured, clear documentation, forming the backbone of your technical knowledge sharing. This ensures everyone from developers to operations understands your systems and processes, facilitating smoother onboarding, collaboration, and maintenance.


Implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to streamline your development lifecycle. CI/CD automates building, testing, and deploying your applications, enhancing code quality, accelerating time to market, and enabling a more agile response to market changes.


Prioritize the protection of your data and systems with robust security measures integrated into every aspect of your infrastructure. From compliance audits to vulnerability assessments, our security practices help safeguard against threats, ensuring your business and customer data remain secure.

Disaster Recovery

Prepare for the unexpected with a solid disaster recovery plan that minimizes data loss and downtime in the event of a system failure. Our strategies ensure you can quickly restore operations, maintaining business continuity and protecting your reputation.


Design your infrastructure to grow seamlessly with your business. Our scalable solutions allow you to handle increasing loads and complexity without sacrificing performance, enabling your startup to expand confidently and efficiently.

Why us?

Our team is comprised of seasoned DevOps professionals with a proven track record of success at companies such as Amazon, Headspace, Alo Yoga,, and SpaceX. We have a deep understanding of best practices, tools, and methodologies to optimize your workflow.

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